Options’ open interests

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Options’ open interest

Open interests for options are important part of predictive analysis for stocks.
In this post, Stata code is provided for downloading the open interests for AAPL for multiple maturities.
Charts are intended for a simple visual comparison.

clear all
cd "/Users/mfd/Desktop"
fetchyahoooptions AAPL, m(2015-11-20 2015-11-27 2015-12-19 2015-12-31 2016-01-15 2016-02-19)

gen mini=1 if (strlen(Symbol) > strlen(Underlying) + 15 )
replace mini=0 if mini==.

gen contracts = Open_Interest * 100 if mini==0
replace contracts = Open_Interest * 10 if mini==1
replace contracts = contracts / 100

drop if Strike>Price*1.2
drop if Strike

When comparing charts: Please note that the scales are different.
One of the charts has 72000 contracts whereas another one has less than 5000.
So, monthly and weekly options may lead to incorrect implications.