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iOS Apps (Completely free: No ads, no in-app etc.)

  • Data Depot
    Download at iTunes.Data Depot serves two main purposes: 1) I would like to do statistics and econometrics on my iPad in my backyard or by the lake in the park. Currently, no such possibility that I can afford. I intend to change that. 2) I would like to have statistics and econometrics assignments in my courses (i.e. estimation of CAPM). Statistics software are expensive. Students need to come to computer labs on campus. So, unnecessary. So, primitive. 3) Data Depot is the first step towards my "Statistics on iPad" goal. It downloads financial and economic data to iCloud that is accessible by my iPad, iPhone and MacAir. (by Mehmet Dicle, on March 30, 2016)

  • Flashcard Depot
    Download at iTunes.Flashcard Depot serves one main purpose: It provides my study notes, in the form of flashcards, for the courses I teach. (by Mehmet Dicle, on April 11, 2016)

  • Icon Workshop
    Download at iTunes. Icon Workshop serves two main functions: 1) Create iOS app icons (using text and extended emoticons), and 2) Save app icons, automatically, in all the sizes that are required by Xcode (with required filenames). (by Mehmet Dicle, on March 30, 2016)

  • Image Depot
    Download at iTunes. Image Depot serves three main functions: 1) Save internet images to your iCloud folders (not under the photos), 2) Add annotations to the saved images, and 3) Share annotated images on Facebook or Twitter. (by Mehmet Dicle, on March 30, 2016)

  • Link Depot
    Download at iTunes.Link Depot serves four main functions: 1) Save your favorite links under categories, 2) Hide private links under your fingerprint authentication, 3) Email list of links to yourself or others (create an HTML list of your links), and 4) Backup and restore (even to other devices). (by Mehmet Dicle, on February 23, 2016)

  • Localizable Strings
    Download at iTunes. Localizable Strings serves two main functions: 1) Create localized language strings for Xcode and for iOS apps, and 2) Save "Localizable.strings" files to your iCloud documents folder to be used with Xcode app creation. (by Mehmet Dicle, on March 30, 2016)

  • Research for Profit
    Download at iTunes.This is the iOS application for the Research for Profit website content. (by Mehmet Dicle, on February 25, 2016)