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Aim: To establish a trading strategy to generate continuous and reliable income using options. Take advantage of the excessive greed in the market by predicting support and resistance levels for major, liquid stocks or large ETFs.

Disclaimer: Educational purposes only. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
This entire post (or the entire website) may be just a joke. So, I take no responsibility whatsoever.


  • Earn max of 10% per week
    • Earn 10% per week (Changed on 12-2-2016)
  • Earn consistent and low risk profits
  • No excessive risk
  • No margin use
  • No loss
  • Option trading only (no direct stock or ETF trading, no futures trading)
  • No naked options (neither at debit or at credit)
  • Credit spreads and credit condors only (no debit spreads)
  • New position whenever.
    • New positions on Mondays or Tuesdays only (Changed on 12-2-2016)
  • Ideally no closing at all.
    • Closing on Fridays (ideally no closing at all) (Changed on 12-27-2016)
  • Roll-over and close-out allowed.
    • No roll-overs, early close outs (Changed on 12-2-2016)
  • About of $1,500 risk per symbol seems to be ideal (New rule on 12-19-2016)